Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Its arrived !

I saw it - i wanted it -  i had to have it !!
If you want one i will be having some cast for pre 70 sportsters and post 70 , get in touch if interested

Soon to be fitted to the Iron head below

And of course Warbird

Indian and blown

The quality is not great but a photo of my Indian Chief bobber , if any one has photos of this at Kent many years ago , epecially ones of me on  the stage it would really be appreciated .

The blown Moto Guzzi was built by a friend in the Brighton area , if anyone knows him ask him to get in touch its been a while , does this still exist ?

I really like the blown nitous Jawa , i may have to build something similar !
see the full description at 

Only a couple of days untill i get my next blower and start a new bobber , i will post it when i have photos
1936 Indian Bobber - wish i still had it !

Moto Guzzi turned and Blown !

Monday, 28 November 2011

I am just starting this blog so bear with me as i find my way around .
Lots of bikes to see and build!
The last post had a reunion photo with Ian "Greystoke", Rob v twin, Boothill Martin , Big Dave and me
First time we are all together in 25 years
If you know any of us get in touch
Just a selction of bikes i like

The Buell and AJS are reluctantly for sale but new projects need funding so if interested get in touch or see it on the auction site

Bikes barns and get together