Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The FXR is back in the UK m
My BSA Racer head is finished and about to be put on  , then  on the dyno to dial it in and see what it makes now
Hill climb here we come !
Also have an Excelsior  2001 Henderson Super X for sale



On sale on ebay
1400 cc twin ohc engine fuel injected based on the Weslake V Twin
5000 miles only

Be cool, be different

Friday, 7 December 2012

Commando engines and Slick shift box

For Sale //// NOW SOLD 
I have 2  Norton Commando Motors for sale and a Slick Shift Triumph Gearbox for sale 
contact me on  for details 

News update 
The Ironhead has gone to a new home 
The TriBsa build has stalled due to sickness and some technical issues but hopefully we will be  back on track next week , it also seems that the engine is a little more trick that i had thought , so i need to strip it to check the cranksahft before we go any further .
BSA Racer 
Len at the cylinder head shop has finished lightening and setting up the rockers to match the HC squish head he has flowed and worked his magic on , so it should be running at Christmas Yeh 
I may not sell it now so if you were interested get in touch quickly !