Thursday, 3 October 2013

if anyone ever reads this
the Flathead rebuild never made it on to these pages as i eventually got around to starting on it on the 7t10th august when i got back from holiday i then had until 6th Sept to rebuild , so almost every night long hours were spent trying to make pout right the awful lash up and get it ready for the Trip Out
I eventually finished it at 4pm on Sat the 7th and set off for a shake down cruise with Andy Harris of AHCC on a shovel head he had just finished and lee on his Kawa bobber , long story short we made an 85 mile trip into a 95 mile trip and arrived 4 hours after starting out - a couple of breakdowns with the flat head , including whittling a stick down and hammering it into where a gearbox mounting bolt had fallen out - Tesco garage forecourt was the recipient of most of my gearbox oil !!
and its still in there !!
This may be one of the last entries as a new venture will be slowly starting and a new blog Shovelheadz   and website
So see you there soon