Monday, 2 April 2012

Triple fun and more blowers

My shovel , i cant believe this was 23 +  years ago !!!
There were only a very few Harleys around then and not just a Sunday lifestyle 
Thanks Rob for digging the photo out for me 

Now some pwople are never satisfied with one or even two engines???
 i have always liked A10 s but 3 of them !!!
Nuff said !
GEORGE Laycock -Norton Commando a blown methanol burning low 10 second runner.
The standard frame was sawn in half and the top tube extended to kick the front end out, whilst the swinging arm was replaced by a rigid and much stronger arrangement.
A Marshall cabin blower is neatly fitted above the gearbox which is a Bewley 3 speed unit. Clutch is modified Commando and for 2001 ignition is courtesy of a Joe Hunt type magneto grafted onto the timing cover. Compression ratio is reduced by use of a plate under the cylinder barrel.

950cc Triumph based Nourish with reversed head, Roots type blower, and Hilborn injection running on nitro. Transmission is by slider clutch and 2 speed Bewley gearbox.