Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The FXR is back in the UK m
My BSA Racer head is finished and about to be put on  , then  on the dyno to dial it in and see what it makes now
Hill climb here we come !
Also have an Excelsior  2001 Henderson Super X for sale



On sale on ebay
1400 cc twin ohc engine fuel injected based on the Weslake V Twin
5000 miles only

Be cool, be different

Friday, 7 December 2012

Commando engines and Slick shift box

For Sale //// NOW SOLD 
I have 2  Norton Commando Motors for sale and a Slick Shift Triumph Gearbox for sale 
contact me on  for details 

News update 
The Ironhead has gone to a new home 
The TriBsa build has stalled due to sickness and some technical issues but hopefully we will be  back on track next week , it also seems that the engine is a little more trick that i had thought , so i need to strip it to check the cranksahft before we go any further .
BSA Racer 
Len at the cylinder head shop has finished lightening and setting up the rockers to match the HC squish head he has flowed and worked his magic on , so it should be running at Christmas Yeh 
I may not sell it now so if you were interested get in touch quickly ! 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Back from the sunshine at Boothill Malaga


Just back from visiting Martin Boothill Malaga
and fettling my FXR -
However in a moment of madness i have decided to bring it back to the UK and sell
So it will be on its way here in a couple of weeks
Engine , gearbox and primary completely rebuilt by Martin , bills for almost £3000
Wheels - new bearings , brakes completely overhauled , new paintwork and electrics tidied and
Glide front end , Arlen Ness wheels ,Arlen Ness swinging arm, new seat , Ness front 10 inch discs, custom chrome ally switches new rear disc, new tyres front and back , s/s braided brake hoses , Jaybrake calipers , new seal kits and new brake pads .
Brake Master cylindershave had new seal kits and the brake systems flushed and cleaned
Runs really strong  and the photos don't do justice to the paint work , looks gorgeous dark blue when not in the Sun , when in the sun goes a lighter blue and the metalflake shines through :-)

How much ..not much for a totally sorted Evo   £5650 ... e mail me on
Just a note , the fork shrouds , fork legs , headlamp nacelle , rear shock covers will need rechroming if you want a super shiney

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

1970 Iron head XLH Sportster For Sale

1970 XLH Sportster ,
Great bike and it hasnt been messed with too much ,
Mikuni Carb and k&N , and 1970s Bates seat , i have the original peanut tank and white seat
MOT and taxed , new rear tyre , new battery , points condenser , plugs oil etc
Runs really strong .

£4,250 NOW ON  EBAY
I have some other pre 70-Iron head parts  [not many engine parts]
Also have a collection of about 6-8 Evo sportster cylinders make an offer

Thursday, 2 August 2012

This time next year ???


If anyone apart from me reads this Here is my tale of woe - thinking i should just be called "Lucky"
I got to the Hayride , not only without my bike as i only got it to run right on the Friday and didnt fancy a 2 up shakedown of 150 miles , so i arranged to borrow my brothers 54 Chevy truck which got me less than a mile down the road ! and my car seized an A/C pump and shredded the belt so finally got there lunchtime Saturday in a loaned Passat !
So just walked and chilled said Hi to a few and got ready to camp when i got a call from a guy in Germany wanting to come early Sunday morning to buy my spare Ironhead motor so had to leave Sat early Eve
On the flip side my 1970 Sportster is running perfectly now :-)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Blower Trumpet more parts arrived thanks Chas

Box section extended swing arm and 11 in shockers . perfect ,,,,

I started liking the look tilted forward but after thinking i may create oil sitting in the front rocker box ?
 unless anyone has a simple solution  back to upright

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

i liked it so much its her smile ?

This is nice too in a different way 

Seriously now i am  considering selling my A10 Racer or may break it on Flea bay
Gold star type wheels , ally rims , s/s spokes
Newby primary belt drive ,
Boyer crank sensed ignition
5 speed  steve Tomkin  gearbox
Scitsu Race tacho
Dow top yoke with damper
A10 frame with log book
Engine : Nourish one off crank shaft
Nissan pistons = 710cc
Barrels have extra bolts to hold it down
Special twin carb heads one 9.75 :1 the other 10.5:1
Welded and machined and ported , bigger valves , amal monblocs

Currently heads off  having new valves and guides and being flowed by Len Patterson of the Cyl head shop
£4,750  or Rolling chassis for £2,750
to save me breaking it   e mail me on

How Long !

Well i am back after some time
Recent events , i tried to go to the Tea Pary on the iron head , but it was running like a bag of shite
So with other problems went in the car and  icould only stay a few hours so didnt get to meet many
Got home threw the CV carb in the bin and used a 36mm Mikuni with  insulation tape wrapped around to fit the manifold and its run perfectly ish since
90 mph and it held together so all good !

Thanks to Chas for the Extended swing arm and short shocks for the Supercharged Tribsa  project , another step nearer , i will start the build after this weekend .

looking for a 74/80 Flathead UL Harley motor or cases any condition !!!!!

Also has anyone got a primary belt drive on their iron head sportster , i am hoping to have some made and need a little more info

some great photos stolen form other web places etc enjoy

Monday, 2 April 2012

Triple fun and more blowers

My shovel , i cant believe this was 23 +  years ago !!!
There were only a very few Harleys around then and not just a Sunday lifestyle 
Thanks Rob for digging the photo out for me 

Now some pwople are never satisfied with one or even two engines???
 i have always liked A10 s but 3 of them !!!
Nuff said !
GEORGE Laycock -Norton Commando a blown methanol burning low 10 second runner.
The standard frame was sawn in half and the top tube extended to kick the front end out, whilst the swinging arm was replaced by a rigid and much stronger arrangement.
A Marshall cabin blower is neatly fitted above the gearbox which is a Bewley 3 speed unit. Clutch is modified Commando and for 2001 ignition is courtesy of a Joe Hunt type magneto grafted onto the timing cover. Compression ratio is reduced by use of a plate under the cylinder barrel.

950cc Triumph based Nourish with reversed head, Roots type blower, and Hilborn injection running on nitro. Transmission is by slider clutch and 2 speed Bewley gearbox.