Thursday, 14 June 2012

Blower Trumpet more parts arrived thanks Chas

Box section extended swing arm and 11 in shockers . perfect ,,,,

I started liking the look tilted forward but after thinking i may create oil sitting in the front rocker box ?
 unless anyone has a simple solution  back to upright

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

i liked it so much its her smile ?

This is nice too in a different way 

Seriously now i am  considering selling my A10 Racer or may break it on Flea bay
Gold star type wheels , ally rims , s/s spokes
Newby primary belt drive ,
Boyer crank sensed ignition
5 speed  steve Tomkin  gearbox
Scitsu Race tacho
Dow top yoke with damper
A10 frame with log book
Engine : Nourish one off crank shaft
Nissan pistons = 710cc
Barrels have extra bolts to hold it down
Special twin carb heads one 9.75 :1 the other 10.5:1
Welded and machined and ported , bigger valves , amal monblocs

Currently heads off  having new valves and guides and being flowed by Len Patterson of the Cyl head shop
£4,750  or Rolling chassis for £2,750
to save me breaking it   e mail me on

How Long !

Well i am back after some time
Recent events , i tried to go to the Tea Pary on the iron head , but it was running like a bag of shite
So with other problems went in the car and  icould only stay a few hours so didnt get to meet many
Got home threw the CV carb in the bin and used a 36mm Mikuni with  insulation tape wrapped around to fit the manifold and its run perfectly ish since
90 mph and it held together so all good !

Thanks to Chas for the Extended swing arm and short shocks for the Supercharged Tribsa  project , another step nearer , i will start the build after this weekend .

looking for a 74/80 Flathead UL Harley motor or cases any condition !!!!!

Also has anyone got a primary belt drive on their iron head sportster , i am hoping to have some made and need a little more info

some great photos stolen form other web places etc enjoy