Thursday, 2 August 2012

This time next year ???


If anyone apart from me reads this Here is my tale of woe - thinking i should just be called "Lucky"
I got to the Hayride , not only without my bike as i only got it to run right on the Friday and didnt fancy a 2 up shakedown of 150 miles , so i arranged to borrow my brothers 54 Chevy truck which got me less than a mile down the road ! and my car seized an A/C pump and shredded the belt so finally got there lunchtime Saturday in a loaned Passat !
So just walked and chilled said Hi to a few and got ready to camp when i got a call from a guy in Germany wanting to come early Sunday morning to buy my spare Ironhead motor so had to leave Sat early Eve
On the flip side my 1970 Sportster is running perfectly now :-)