Friday, 30 March 2012

Friday Fire sale !!

Sometimes we have to sell !
It took me ages to find a ribbed primary cover for an iron head sportster - and i have never got to fitting it
Other projects need money so it is up for sale .
It is an original MRD and came from the states so with import duty insurance and shipping etc cost me a fortune , but for sale for less at £500  if you are interested let me know  and e mail me your number  NOW SOLD

My BSA A10 racer is also for sale
710cc nourish crank , nissan pistons , 5 speed box, newby belt drive , modified twin carb heads 
gold star type brakes / wheels - crank sensing electronic ignition  and lots of other bits
I was hoping to sprint and hill climb this year but have to give up on this ambition for the moment
£3500 if you are interested or i may break it if enough interest  , comes with V5

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