Thursday, 14 March 2013

Again life gets in the way of blogging so i must do better !
Ive been goaded into life as the weather gets warmer :

Never be nice and let friends  leave their bikes in your garage - it leaves no room to work on your own stuff!

So whats happening well theUL Flathead is still in the states - time and money issues
The TriBsa Supercharged has engine and supercharger alignment issues so is on hold until i can lock myself away  in a mates machinme shop for a couple of days  but i am going to try and get the A10 Special to the Pendine Sands for Speed Weekend June 2nd .23rd - just need to to get to it at the back of the garage  and a quick rebuild !
dyno and ... sounds easy !

1946 Triumph 3T for sale £5250

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